Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laneige Mall Of Asia

hi! Someone mistaken my blog site for Laneige the skincare! il change it if i get more followers,as of now im just doing this for fun =) and documenting my makeup discoveries. anyways i went to Mall of Asia last weekend,and saw that Laneige did not open yet. but when i passed by Marionaud,i saw a lil stall outside,did not get the chance to take a pic though...

people doesnt wanna move! hehe


  1. OMG, finally another branch ^_^ well i'm nearer trinoma but i suppose they finally get that the market for korean cosmetics here is getting bigger and bigger.

    thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. welcome marge,hope someday i can try their skincare line..i wonder if they;re better than etude's

  3. my friends and i have this bet that etude is the baby company of laneige. the way sony had or has aiwa to target the not so high end pocket. having said this, it's possible it's quite the same LOL. well let you know what i figure out.