Tuesday, May 18, 2010

etude sm manila haul

Went to Sm Manila just to go to the newly opened Etude House branch. After opening there 1st one in Sm Megamall,2nd one Filinvest Alabang,and 3rd one in Sm Makati, Manileneas felt extra special when they paid special attention to out pink addiction =)
I did not have any idea where it was located in the mall,but my instinct lead me riding the first escalator going to the 2nd floor,I quickly spotted Healthy Options,Watsons and Sm department store,felt like asking someone already,but as i walked further, I saw a man who looked like hes been waiting long for his girl shopping inside etude! teehee
Yey! like a giddy girl,i scanned they're products but skincare was really my target,I'm in need of a new toner and my facial scrub is running out too. I think i spent almost an hour deciding what to get,there's this really helpful SA that stood out from the rest of them bec she's pretty and petite,knows the products and not giving me business talk,i love that they dont persuade you to buy more,the rest where just staring at me,and i have to call they're attention when i need to ask about something,and one time a daughter of one of the SA came,and when i asked her about a product,she looked at me like shes busy attending to her personal visitor,and almost hesitated for a second to answer me,looked back at her daughter and answered,i know how it feels to work and not see ur family,but customer relations is always first right? anyhoo,i didnt felt like a princess inside Sm Manila branch like the other GT members are saying that SA's in Megamall would greet you good morning princess and carry ur basket while ur shopping. Its okay,i went for the products anyways.
Here's what i bought
Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam (Nuts Mix) for dry skin-Php278
66 Eye Line Charm - P198
Skin Drink Aqua Toner- P348
Proof 10 Eye primer-P298
Cotton Buds 3 packs (900pcs)-Php48 this is cheap!
Collagen Essense Mask-P58
I got a folder,angel pen pink membership card as freebie
they dont have bb cream as freebie though
I'm happy! hope i can go back again to buy there pore diet essence and sleeping pack,crossing my fingers for more online sale so i can get the stippling brush! weeee


  1. i went to etude house in sm manila weeks ago too..but i wasn't able to do a haul post yet

    & you're right about them not being really that warm. in sm mega they would greet you & would accompany you as you around the cute store... some might like it when they are being followed, in my case i hate it.

    in that order, i prefer the sm manila branch since they let the customers roam around to take a look & would smile at you when you approach them naman. i was able to finally get the membership card! yatta na!

    i remember you asking about the peeling foam, but i wasn't able to do a review because i hate using it
    it's very sticky & i hate the scent pa
    ewan ko ba kung bakit ako napabili non...haha!

  2. Cant wait for your haul post,=) i wish il bump into you one day =)
    Thanks for remembering my query.its that bad?I'm glad i did not buy it. they have lots of facial washes.foams,creams,peeling,bubble, so confusing!