Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sm 3 day sale -late post again

Ive been dumping a lot of pics on my files,and dont have time to post it on my blog,before it gets disorganized here's one of 'em.
Sm Have been having their 3 day sales here and there,i went to one of their jampacked branches San Lazaro in October,i bought tons of stuff with already 20 to 50% discount,and getting another 10% for sm advantage cardholders.
Sadly,because of the people going bananas,cashiers not working,people falling in line for an hour to pay,my 20% discount on these two tops i bought was not included in my bill,i only got the 10%. going back there was really a hassle,so next time this wil teach me to check my receipts all the time. I swore not to go to any more of there 3 day sales anymore...but again..im a sucker for bargains


  1. i used to love going to sales like that but if there is too much people i don't enjoy shopping anymore. but the cheap price is definitely a motivation,right?

  2. Nice haul. I love sales too :)

  3. nice haul, i agree with ~tHiAmErE~ though, hehehe i heard it was like divisoria in mega that time and takbuhan daw sa forever21, grabe LOL

  4. dahil lang sa forever21? i dont wanna torture myself haha...the next sale was empty,ppl wer really expecting the worst,so nobody went hehe

  5. yeah some of my husband's office mates from ADB happened to be near forever21 and saw the commotion inside, grabe. LOL.
    ano pa kaya this Christmas season.
    stay safe, sis.