Monday, October 22, 2012

Superb bazaar haul Oct 19-21,2012

I got confused when i saw a post that says Superb bazaar will be on the World Trade Center instead of SMX mall of asia,good thing i got a free pass from dealgrocer because unlike smx, WTC dont have free tickets handed by the entrance,bum! my hubby need to pay P100 to accompany me inside,sweet thing waited for me for almost 2 hours
at the back part of the bazaar,where there are seats provided.
Anyhoo,Superb in SMX previously was very well lit,sellers have their own booths fixed up and products are so nice and fashionable ,this time,i saw some class b-c items,a friend of mine who has a both there told me "parang squater noh?" (it looks like the slums here)

Cute bag i had to ask for when i was going out,they didnt give me one when i came in,maybe because i had that free ticket from dealgrocer.
Happy to see they are doing they're part to save the planet =)

On to my haul!

a purple tube corset! i saw on boosteeyay's facebook page that they are selling some of their corsets for P350
i Got this

i bought this one from them before,i think it was from their Mega bazaar,but i did'nt get to post i had a picture worn.oh! it was P450 then...

i manage to take a picture of their corsets..these designs where P450 to P500,but they are so nice to give me a discount,but sadly these corsets that have underwires on them doesnt fit me =)

here's a mannequin,they had a corner booth =)

I also saw a post in facebook again, about made u look's "buy 1 take 1 " promo on their flats..
I think a got a good deal for P500 for 2 pairs,they're perfect for summer and if you're planning to walk all day,these are lifesavers!

i also got this from ummm...that booth that sells hair extensions,hair spin pins,almost all kinds of hair accessories,im sorry but i cant seem to find them in my facebook "liked pages" and friends...i wonder...
if you look closely there's a smudge and a paint splatter on two of the gems on my bracelet,so i haggled it down from P150 to P100!

bought this in their previous bazaar also for P130,loved it so much i had to get another one...

hubbys paid ticket!

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