Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Sticks and pulls all natural hair remover review

I usually use wax for hair removal, i do it around once a month,on half of my legs,my armpits takes the longest to grow back,i almost never bother to look into it,with several "balahibong pusa" (small tiny thin hairs-almost invisible) growing,as much as three or four hairs max for 2 months,since i started waxing it never came back,i know someone who has thick hair and had to get IPL or laser hair removal after years of waxing.
Note: I bought this with my own money,Php169 at watsons,this is the middle sized one,you can try their mini size which costs for about P99, and the full size is around P250+ and used it for the first time,here are the results:

it says its a hot or cold wax,can be used hot or as is from the package..i think..
but i tried to put it in the microwave for 25 secs on power 4 setting and its perfect! il try to use it as is next time,using the microwave wastes energy...

i always use baby powder first before applying the wax,although it did'nt say in the box,i was just used to doing doesnt make the wax stick to your own skin ,its like having a barrier.just in you won't pull out you skin.

here's how to

okay after waxing,you can see red marks from the places where your hair was pulled,don't worry,it will go away after an hour or so

Ive'd previously tried this wax in tin that is first heated before using,i forgot the name but its sold in watsons locally,it was really a hassle to use because if i was not careful,it gets melted into my stove,so imagine the time and effort it took to clean up the wax.
I also tried the strip it hair wax,it was very easy to use without having it heated first,but i think it stopped working on me,does that make sense? well, i don't know if either it was expired,or infested with molds, i never bought another one cause it doesnt remove my unwanted hair for even the smallest area or smallest amount of hair. I was really pissed with this!

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