Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caronia First Crush and lemming over superb bazaar

Can you believe this lavander polish was done only with one coat?
Its from our very own local brand caronia!
topped with bobbie..tadaaa!!!

AHHH! I'm lemming for this peplum top from DEAR KATE! the one i saw in WTC's Superb bazaar

I know the peplum craze is all over! I just bought one top from forever21,but im staying out of it since these trends come and go,you'll get irked with it when you see everyone wearing it in the malls,but this peplum i saw was rediculously puurrfect! the price was awesome! only P450! its satin-like,the only thing i dont like was the rainbow gems thats attached to the neckline,since the safari print was busy,it doesnt need that extra accessory,but im still in love with it!
Im also staying out of these safari printed things,cause its also a come and go trend,you see,I don't want to be a fashion victim,yes i do follow trends but i keep it minimal,like when the safari trend started,i bought a belt, a thin one to be exact just to spruce up a classic outfit.

like this one below

but i'm willing to bend my rule with this peplum safari top from dear kate! please get it! i dont wanna see it ,i don't wanna think about it,cause dang! it didnt fit me! argh!


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