Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forever21 Ph uannounced sale!

The day is October 26 2012, (friday) is a regular non-working holiday in celebration of the Islamic holiday Eidul Adha or the Day of Sacrifice,we dropped by Forever21 SM mall of Asia branch,lo and behold! sale!!!!!
I did'nt see any announcement in the f21 facebook page and no announcement whatsoever in the MOA f21 store..look at what i found!

photo taken from f21 website $22+ online!!! woah!

This one i tried on was in large,i bought the medium,fits better!

Saw two pieces of this in large but right after i tried it on,i asked for a size smaller and the nice SA was so accomodating,and ran off to get another size,good thing another SA who was in the dressing rrom hanging fitted;unpurchased clothes saw her and gave her my medium dress! yey! talk about saving time!

nice top for P309,falls perfectly even if its large,but its neon yellow! picture doesnt show though...

All of these dresses where P619!!!
This fits so nicely on me in medium,it was the last one,ummm i dunno....somehow i didnt like it,the material was jersey like velvet,almost like 20% velvet,50% jersey,and 30% cotton,hope you get the idea =) saw this one previously on sale,and almost every girl was trying this one on..haha! just forget it =)

medium but too big eh? had to cinch my waist so not to look preggers!
why i didnt get this,bec i saw these on other branches on sale! they have lots of these on stock too,i just know il bump into someone who's wearing the same 'ol thing

this is nice too! but kinda small for a size large! you really do have to fit everything before you buy

i saw this before,the layered trend is coming back,but no safari for me,too loud! do you know what i mean?

this one was lovely!!! i was going to get it,but its damaged at the back,there's a hole =( its nice...with the layered trend but with a tulip skirt bottom.

this was one sided nsvy polkadotted dress,its a size medium but look how big it is on me,its looked so good in the hanger though..tee hee!

this was see through P309 only!

These is how i work when i shop.. i don't get too worked up with the sale,i only get the ones i know will let me wear for more than one season,meaning it does'nt get out of style, a lil trend here and there is nice, but i only get it if its on sale,once i always avoid getting clothes that are so tempting to get just because of the price slash,but ends up not wearing anyway,i fit everything and segregate the ones i like then decide in the end whether i can mix and match it wit my wardrobe...makes sense?
till next haul!

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