Friday, April 20, 2012

Our first Bazaar!!! Heat Wave Summer bazaar

If it is God's will,it will be done! Ive always been wanting to join bazaars for forever,but don't have the guts or the means to,I was surprised that i did it! and what makes it more fulfilling is,i did it all on my own! i dragged all my stuff and hollered a taxi,without knowing what to do,without knowing what to expect,with a sleepless night of anxiety the day before,i persevered! it was a learning experience something i can tell my children when they grow up,i had a big help from God,i felt like i was walking though this in the blind,but all pathways are opened,all hindrances,especially those that are of the last minute,was cleared by Him! It's also true that if you wanted to get things done,just do it yourself! haha
Oh i like diana zubiri! she's a sexy star but turned out proving to everyone she has more to offer than her looks! i like that a lot!

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