Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sale Alert! one naturales everything P199

OOOhhhhh good things comes to those who wait!!! I've been eyeing this line since last year! the scent of those hand and body lotions are heavenly! but they cost P650 a pop! i just had to wait for a sale,as if 50% off was not good enough,its freakin' P199!! haha
saw it here on their facebook page "one naturales"
From July 31-August 19, you can buy your favorite products at any Watson’s branch for only P199 each!
i went to sm manila and stocks are few,they did'nt say that they were sold out bec of the sale,SA didnt even know that they had this deal,i only got one lotion and i hope its not expired =( well i love it too much it really is hydrating and rich! i seldom see lotions that works,and this work! its not watery but thick,its between body butter and lotion,and the vanilla custard was my target,along with movie star but was not available.they only had vanilla and the citrus one.
i was disappointed when i checked one, the bottom with the screw cap was dirty,looked like it had squirted out long before,yellowish and dried by exposure to air,i opened another one and one after another trying to find one decent one to take home but all of them were like this,i found one that looked like the residue was wiped,so i had to open it to see if the product inside was still good,and everything squirted out on its own! boo! i was with an SA already so there's no way i did this to damage their items,she picked another one saying that this one might be okay,but still they squirted out!
it might be the packaging,or somebody purposely squeezed it all without opening the cap so this would happen if consumers try to open it! i dunno! its really weird!
the worst part is,another SA saw us and snapped "di kasi dapat binubuksan yan!" you shouldnt be opening those! what the!!! i said " eh buti nga binuksan ko ,nakit ako damage pala ito!" good thing i opened it, now i know this packaging is no good!
see for yourself
in the end i bought a clean one,and i didnt open open it until i got home,oh yes it squirted out,but i was ready with a container,one thing when i tried it on my hands,the smell was first okay,and turns out smelling expired or i dont know how to explain it,smelled like old lotion that lost its original scent,whats left was this almost coconutty container smell...waaa did i just buy this?!!!


  1. awww, still kinda expensive for something they're trying to get rid of?

  2. hi marge,actually i really like this variant i bought,the room smells like cookies whenever i use this..i think the coconut smell is the almond scent,i dunno...i really hope its not bad

  3. its very expensive , but i wanna try their solid conditioner or the solid shampoo .

  4. you should try it now,theyre all P199 each =) including their solid shampoos and conditoner