Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top shop buy 1 take 1

Just saw a post from Topshop Philippines facebook page about a buy 1 take 1 sale last saturday night,sunday was the last day so went to the robinsons place branch in malate manila to have a look,saw a lovely ballet flat off white shoes so pretty! but was not my size,then went staright to their shades selection which was always overlooked by people who only shops for topshops clothes.
Black oversized sunglasses check! P1200+ 50% off P650,but because it was buy one take one,had to get another item,saw this tan loose top with uneven hem,grabbed it and paid! this made my day! I'm a real sucker for bargains! can you believe i got both for only P650? cause i need to pay for the higher priced item which was the sunglasses! i know its been raining hard in the metro,but i cant go out without sunglasses,atleast when the sun comes out...

So glad the SA gave me a new pair,thought i was getting the display item.

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