Monday, August 22, 2011

Forever21 sm makati 2011 sale

Went to forever21 last day of the 3 day sale period in Sm Makati branch,hubby bought me a forever 21 gift card before cause he did'nt know what to get me..I was hoping for a miracle that i can get a couple of shoes but failed! saw a few tops i liked which was half off,but my size was oos! bummer! but i get to buy this awesome jumpsuit that was hanging in the rack of the dressing room area,
**tip tip go straight to the dressing room and pick up those clothes ppl tried on but did'nt get,chances are they regret not getting those already.
i was in love with the jumpsuit! i owned 3 jumpsuits already in different styles and colors,but i just cant get enough! they're so easy to wear,super comfy,no fuss and so stylish! also got a pair of jeans,flared jeans which was not on sale...

I noticed forever21 have the brightest colors,compared to clothes we have locally,these colors are hard to find
look how bright this purple/magenta/violet jumpsuit is! best thing,its half off!!!

i also saw these shoes on sale,it was pretty but the heels were sky high! didnt get those

saw this top,but i think these styles are slowly creeping in the backseat,way way back hopefully,didnt get those too

Flared jeans are coming back! loved how this fits me nicely,and is not too high nor too low waisted,price is to beat,even it was not on sale


  1. oooh i was there, saturday nga lang. hmmm hopefully the crotch area of the pants looks better on you than on the model of the pic :P

  2. hihi oo nga noh! fits nicely =) love ur haul marge!!! was eyeing that red-orange top u got...didnt get it,no size na