Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tonymoly silky glaze speedy hair color in 01

I colored my hair DIY style,using this Tony Moly silky glaze speedy hair color in shade 01 Natural Brown the lightest shade available,other shades were 02-dark chestnut and 03 Natural Black.
This is a shampoo type hair color like the popular liese,palty and prettia bubble dyes,all of those are shampoo type hair colorings but unlike the photo in the box,my tonymoly one did not lather at all,and my hair dye turned out in the blackest black hair ived ever seen!i already had a diy hair dye before,using the revlon colorsilk luminista,i think i used the light golden brown (I originally wanted to use Etude House Bubble hair coloring,but the lightest shade was always out of stock)
I always sport a light shade for my hair,every three months i go to my favorite salon and my hair dye always cost P2000,imagine how expensive it was. i was glad to hear about bubble hair dyes,although i hate coloring my hair on my own coz my towels get dyed,its messy and its so hard to wash off that dye its on my tiles everywhere!
Here's how i used the dye; your suppose to use the plastic gloves to protect your hand,which did not happen,my nails turned black even with gloves on,it was so hard to remove,they provided a plastic cover sheet for your shoulders thats a plus! and a plastic container to mix it with. squeeze out two tubes in the container provided mix it with your hands with gloves of course,and apply evenly through your hair,and lather like your shampooing,again this did not lather at all.
I made sure i called a tonymoly branch,and i was able to contact the one in fairview,they said to leave it for 5 minutes but i left mine for 30 mins coz usually my hair takes a lot of time developing color dyes,i normally spend 45 minutes in my ends and 5 minutes in my roots using other normal diy brands,haha it was abnormal to get hair dyes in 5 minutes let alone shampooing it and getting even hari color results!so i opted for 30 minutes with this shampoo type.
Even though i didnt get the color that i wanted,i love this product overall..why?
it was easy to do
hair dye was incredibly even
it has a flowery faint scent DURING application
achieves results in a short period of time
inexpensive P300+ or 390 below

warm to touch at first,(scared me a bit,why was it warm? chemicals reacting eww)
left an annoying hair dye smell when hair was dry,didnt went away until next shampoo
color was not true to claim

it turned dark black (photo taken item in sink)


  1. awwww makes me wanna try the etude house one LOL

  2. i just want to ask what color is your hair now? did it become brown? :)

  3. from brown to black now..u can see thru the before and after pics.thanks for dropping by