Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ellana samples

I'm an avid user of ellana,the benefits of makeup plus healing properties of minerals as they say,i usually get it from a friend of mine Genevieve co.but the main ellana site sends free samples to people who wanted to try their products,you just need to pay P50 for the shipping fee. I wanted to see what they will send me,and so i can also try other shades of foundation,the thing is,i really love their intensive coverage,it is mattifying, oil absorbing,you can add more products for heavy coverage,it really is a fondation in powder form,but its suppose to be for oily skin individuals and the pure blend one is for dry skin,i have dry skin,problem is...pure blend is almost like a finishing powder where you use on top of a liquid foundation or bb cream,and it doesnt do anything for the redness around my nose,it doesnt last long like the intensive one,it doesnt cover much.
i signed up for the free samples and i picked cool tone as my skintone,wrong!!! the shades they gave me does not suit me,its my fault cause i didnt really know if i was cool or warm toned.i just know that the best shade for me was cafe breve. They sent me chai tea,and peach coffee shake,chai tea turns darker on me after almost 2 min after application,and peach coffee shake was alright,it can fades after an hour or so,maybe because its the pure blend kind. But the sample that irked me was the blush shade doll!! Oh my its orangey on me,with brown,it made my whole foundation application orange! thats how horrible it was on my skintone,i only applied it on my cheeks but it literally turned me orangey,see how powerful a blush can make your whole face..i never touched it again! i think this will be nice on the right person,the right skintone.but for me...nah...

Oh! i was surprised to see a friend of mine as their model! Angela Leonar,she's very simple pretty without makeup but her beauty shines when she's nakaayos or made up,this picture does not do justice to her true beauty.

A swatch of doll on my hand,see!!! my whole hand turned orange! haha