Monday, August 1, 2011

won a sigma blog giveaway!

My first win in the blog giveaway world!!! yipiiiii and its a sigma F80 brush!!! a flat top kabuki brush.
I won this in sugarpao's giveaway,i had to ask somebody to get this from the post office because this did not came in door to door,sigma was the one who sponsored the giveaway so they're the one's who sent it to me,so it had to come from abroad,good thing our local post office was not in its greedy mood that day,i was only charged a standard fee of P35.
Lovely lovely brush! i have yet to use it but the quality of the brush is superb! its so soft and dense at the same time,good for buffing and applying foundation! liquid cream or powder! just as i came across hollyannaerees video i think this was one of her favorite and also sugars!
thanks sugar and sigma!!!felt so blessed!!!

in comparison with elf powder brush middle and elf stippling brush right end


  1. thanks for posting about this sis. :) glad you like the brush! =)

  2. yey! sugar!!! its my pleasure...make more giveaways soon =) lol!

  3. ey congrats! how does the brush compare with the elf studio flat top powder brush ;-)

  4. havent tried it much to make a review marge =) will keep you posted on that =) thanks for asking