Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nature Republic opening soon in the Philippines

Oh my Gawd!nature republic opening in the PHi! okay,korea brands appearing faster than we say Kawaii! this means more and more filipina getting more conscious of their looks,i dreamed one day people here would have more effort to dress up,to put on makeup and take care of their skin rather than spending on cellphones! I dreamed that we would be more like singapore or hongkong,almost everybody does not get out of the door without an effort to look good,that one day i would not get embarassed to wear something nice out in the streets,not to have to have an occasion to wear a dress,or wear makeup...
The first time i came accross nature republic,or my hubby's the Post
what i noticed is that their skincare is really nice,well for me atleast, i tried a few samples and their creams almost feels they work the next day i wake up,made my skin smooth,well,i have dry skin, so i'm not sure about oily skin.
I have tried variants from the face shop and etude house but they didn't show any significance...anyway i might be wrong,but this brand (nature republic) seems promising.


  1. homay sana mura at sana marami pang branch. alabang is simply too far for me =(

  2. yes me too...layo! medyo weird sa festival mall pa,sana sa atc nalang...

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