Monday, October 10, 2011

unexpected shoe purchase...

Went out and worn my black parisian heels,it been a while since i grabbed this pair,waiting for the right outfit maybe,i dont know why the molds in my shoe cabinet decided to eat my shoe up into pieces,the sole separated itself from the whole leather insole,just as i was walking to a restaurants powder room,damn! this means a trip to the mall after dinner and buying a new pair! that does not sound bad at all!!! hahaha
walking and walking in the mall or rather trying to walk with a tiptoed foot,i was getting good at not getting other peoples attention as i pretend that i was not having a hard time walking...i said to myself i have to be casual at this like the classic mentos commercial! the trick is,dont look down,raise your chin up high and look like your window shopping! i could have rolled over and laugh...
can you believe!!! the luck!!! originally P2430 down to Php880

My shoe old was suppose to look like this!

it came to this! haha

My purchase came with a booklet catalog,took some pictures of the one's i liked
ooohhh...been wanting to buy nude pumps,this is nice...P2670

cute sandals! Php1410

hey! the bag resembles the lock of my bag sold in my store--Laneige Couture
bag P3150 shoes Php2670


  1. wow! what a steal! nice shoes.

  2. hahaha suuper steal!!! i'm getting more and more psyched on scoring bargains :) thanks for dropping by hollie