Thursday, November 22, 2012

trying on half cut false lashes

Ive tried wearing falsies before,including the famous tfs falsies,and failed! i don't know whether i didnt know how to put it,or its because of my hooded eye,or because im not used to having it on,the best way i can describe what i look like if im wearing falsies is,drag queen! yes i look like a drag queen!
Until i came across these half falsies in saizen,the store that sells everything at P88.
At first i tried to place it trying it on without makeup and i thought it looked really fake and i looked silly with the half of my eye with visible lashes and the other part or the inner half without any lashes showing.
I couldnt have looked so ugly with them so i tired it on again, this time with complete eye makeup and curled lashes! lo and behold!

I lost one lash,tried to pick it and dunno what startled me and before i knew it,i cant find it anywhere in my vanity table!

careful with it,i lost one strand of lash when i tried to pick it up with a tweezer,make sure you grab at the strip not the lash itself.

me wearing half cut lashes!

a managed to get an old photo without lashes on,normally my sparce lashes do show up a lil but this photo i think was taken at the end of the day,my lashes drooped down already,dang! that mascara!

another photo with the saizen lashes!

lashes on! one mistake i did was,i already had mascara on before putting the lashes,so i had clump lashes together with falsies,always always put the falsies first before a newbie at this

I used this magnificent easy to use and hassle free black glue from koji
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