Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diy Hairstyle! Ribbon trend!

Ive been doing my own hairstyles since elementary! i remember practicing braiding my own hair while lying down on the bed with my head extended in the edge,just so to have control over the direction i want my hair to go to.
I tried this hairstyle in a formal event that we went to,and i was so glad with the results!
I basically made a half moon tie,gathering hair from the tops of your ears in a black hairtie,placing a bumpit under it to create a lift,splitting it into two and twirling it into a ribbon,and letting the rest of the hair,curled with a curling iron.

the side of my head,with the bumpit

the top part was not that neat,but don't worry nobody could see it

I used this hairspray from etude house==>prev post

i had this hair inspired by this video by cinthia truong,but i did it with my own style
tip: there's a reason why she uses a teasing comb,and hairspray to make her ribbon,make sure to do all steps because my hair was not that maneagable when i did it without those steps =)

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