Friday, November 9, 2012

Bazaars this weekend nov 2012

There's two bazaars happening this weekend! I was planning to go to the Rockwell one,with the P100 entrance fee named Global pinoy bazaar but i saw another one in Il terazzo! called the luxe bazaar,I've always wanted to go check out IL terazzo's mini mall,and going to the bazaar is like hitting two birds in one stone! ummm..although Rockwell always hold the bestest bazaars in my opinion! but then again,its the global pinoy bazaar,not mainly a fashion bazaar but one that sells an assortment of novelty local items mixed with fashion items..
But then again next week is the Rockwell's moonlit bazaar,everybody knows moonlit is D Best! think think think

Luxe Bazaar

Global Pinoy Bazaar

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