Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tony Moly SM Manila Ultimate Beauty Boost 2012

Lot's of products have already been sold out in the Tony Moly Sm Manila sale! the last makeup remover was sold out,so i did'nt get to get that! I need a powder foundation though and found one 50% off! and here's the rest of the products i got below
2 pcs of Aqua Moisture Pact (they only have it in 01!-my shade the other darker shade 02 was not on sale) Php748 50% off P374
Avocado Lotion (homme) - Php448 50% off P224
had to get a mask sheet to get that awesome gwp!
Wildginseng Cottony Essence Sheet Mask P98 50%off P49

This was a presspowder but the SA said it has a foundation like effect!

This was surprisingly refreshing! hubby remarked my brightened skin after using this!

The awesome GWP for P1000 is this Floria Active Peeling Gel! (i need this-ran out of my lioele one)
awesome because its full size!!! weee

While supplies lasts...
I asked the SA if they\ll be adding some more items on sale,but she said it was while supplies lasts,but i have this hunch that they'll be adding some more because almost all of the stocks they had have already been sold out and the prormo was until feb of 2013...


  1. Great products. :) is TM's Intense Care Snail Essence on sale too?

  2. Unfortunately its not... =( Thanks for commenting