Sunday, November 11, 2012

Il Terazzo Luxe Bazaar Nov 2012

My first time going to Il terazzo mall! and they have an ongoing bazaar for two days,i was quite surprised with the line up of booths in the bazaar,because of the high end selections of online stores who joined and participated,like Gold dot, Jean & Rozs,depaige manila,trunk show,etc.
The bazaar was held in the pent house part of the mall,it was a lil hard to find because we went around the mini mall and did'nt see any signs as to where the bazaar was ongoing,until we rode the elevator,there was a small almost 2x2 cartolina hand written sign stuck in the elevator floor buttons.
it was a small floor with almost a dozen of participants,quaint but like i said it boosts of reliable and hand picked stores.


wow! jean and rozs was on sale buy 1 take 1 on their shoes for i think was P1500

the mall from the outside

here are the details

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