Monday, November 26, 2012

Masflex Cosmetic Organizer

Muji what?
Bought this bee -yoo-ti-ful cosmetic organizer in National Bookstore for almost half the price of the ones that are sold in muji!
Mujis organizer with only the drawer part are almost P1200+ while this baby is P649.75!! aside from the triple drawers,it comes with a lipstick slotted top part thats lovey!

They have two kinds for this styles,but the difference was only the pull out drawer part,the first level of drawer (sf-1155) was parted in half,the rest are full slots.

you find this in the acrylic portion of the bookstore,you will see acrylic plaques near the cosmetic oraganizers

so kilig with my new purchase!!! ganda!!!
they are also sold in small sizes or smaller version but with fewer slots,the lowest priced organizer was P179.75 it was a brush holder that i originally wanted to buy,plus a P299.75 lipstick holder with some slots for your other cosmetics,but think about how much you'll save if you get the bigger organizer with all these drawers! if i bought two small ones,they add up to around P500,while these large ones are P100 more but practical and more value for money!

look at all the clutter! with my improvised organizer,using old empty moisturizer containers and an old broken plastic divider...

take one!

take two!

after the clutter!!!!

my vanity table after!

before,i tried to buy a traincase to keep all of my makeup and jewelry but the lock did'nt last long,the metal lock was broken,after all those opening and closing,worst part is,you have to have a lot of room when you open it,the half part (backpart) of the opened traincase gets in the way when you open it,you won't be able to open the whole thing if you didnt have a huge space alloted for it! just look at it when its opened! (pardon the clutter-i put old and unused accessories inside,since i dont use it any more) i just can't utilize the thing because its so much of a hassle to use,

if you get your hands in a traincase with a soft material outer cover like this,the soft material is not as hard so it can be folded in small spaces,thus you can open it,but of course these material don't last long compared to the metal traincase.look how old my cloth traincase is,the material was peeling off,but its still functional. It was given to me by my cousin


  1. Wow, this is a must have. thank you for sharing! :)

  2. helow sis !! what branch of national ?? :)