Monday, May 30, 2011

Beauty cosmetics fair-SM Mall of asia

Went to the sm Mall of asia beauty cosmetics fair,was disappointed by the selections of brands included and the items displayed,as if watsons was not far away,which all those brands are already available,the fair is located in front of watsons near starbucks,SM had to make a "fair". well,they fooled me! haha i went there,from the etude house facebook post that they have an etude booth until may 31,but didn't buy anything though,so i just took pictures.
its ironic that im near Sm manila than mall of asia,but i seldom go to the former,(ETude house boutique in sm manila,etude house booth in sm mall of asia department store by june)its just that sm mall of asia is more of a relaxing place to go,rather than the hustle and bustle sm manila,its crowded with people and passerby.
I was planning to get the eyeliners and lipliners,but they're all not in stock in the fair.Looking forward to the Bubble hair coloring,coming by june in sm manila,but in stock in sm megamall.

Sm Mall of asia beauty cosmetics fair

elite paris

Majolica majorca

etude booth


  1. awesome, etude and MM for the win! ;-) ☺♥

  2. good thing i didn't went there.. was only planning to go now! phew! thanks for this sis :)

  3. oops wrong photo labeling, will fix that. so in a hurry, didnt check grammar and sentences. sowi as long as you're sanay sa taglish ul get it Lol!

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