Friday, July 1, 2011

elf and urban decay

Bought this two,one for a friend-the urban decay primer potion, and the elf stipling brush for me! i was surprised to see elf studio had this brush!!! i had always wanted to buy a stippling brush but the ones i know was expensive,and the stippling brush i was targeting in the etude house sale,was not in stock,so i was really glad to find this!! well its P220 much more cheaper the the etude P400+ i think.
I wanted one for so long because i heard its best for ever bilena blushes,yes! ever bilena! haha..the time that i cannot splurge on blushes or any makeup at all,just because i was guilty to spend on these things than buying my childrens essentials,poor me! haha i had to resort to cheap makeup...i know! we should'nt be scrimpy on makeup for the face,like foundations powders,and that includes blushes,we dont want to put cheap and bad ingredients on our face,but but butbut but :P ....but you know what? what i always things does'nt mean its bad quality! i so love this blush! particularly the honest shade,its the best peach coral blush thats so pigmented!!! i heard so many raves about this blushes that i had to buy a stippling brush for it.
stipling brushes grabs the right amount for that unique flush! i'm so tired of pink blushes and this ever bilena is my fave! if you use your fingers or the brush included in the ever bilena blush compact,you'l end up with very unnatural clownish cheeks!
this elf one does the job! my only complain was,the hairs are few,if they would have placed a little more brush hairs,it will be a lil denser and fuller,but i recommend this to anyone whos starting out in makeup and wanted an inexpensive brush for having that blended natural blush.


  1. awwww i want that stippling brush, elf brushes are love, specially the studio line ;-)

  2. yes yes love indeed! thanks marge!