Thursday, July 5, 2012

canmake uv concealer foundation review

I'd like to introduce my HG (holy grail) undereye concealer,i just love love this product! its from a japanese brand named canmake and its called concealer foundation UV,yes it has uv protection,so read on.
Description on their site:
A color foundation based on the concealer concept.
You'll be amazed by the first application! The moist powder clings tightly to your skin.
Long-lasting formula giving you beautiful skin for hours and hours.
A foundation based on the concealer concept
●Concealer intensively covers the flaws in your skin that cannot be hidden with foundation, such as under-eye bags, dullness and dark spots.
↓However, applying concealer takes time….
This product has the coverage to conceal the flaws in your skin, just by applying foundation. Has a natural finish, for skin that looks beautiful, even at point-blank range.
You'll be amazed by the first application. Feels like silk
●Contains amino acid-based emollient agents, locking moisture into your skin and protecting it from dryness.
●The moist powder feels just like silk on your skin. When applied to your skin with a sponge, it feels like it is just slipping on.
Long-lasting effect
●The sebum-absorbing powder absorbs excessive oil from your skin. ●Contains hyper-lasting polymer. The powder clings tightly to your skin, forming a long-lasting protective layer which prevents your make-up wearing off. ●Pure white mica is a highly white-colored powder, which prevents the dullness that results from sweat and sebum.
○After preparing your skin with a make-up base, apply the appropriate amount to a sponge and spread it evenly over your skin.
○If using water, wet the sponge, then squeeze the water out before applying the powder to the sponge.
○Please use a clean sponge that has had the water squeezed out thoroughly.
○Please do not throw the inner film away.

At first i thought this was a foundation,and dared to apply it all over my face! Ghad! espasol! my face was white as snow! almost everything was erased! its like wearing a very wrong shade of foundation,a wrong white shade of foundie! calling baby powder!
So okay,it says concealer,so i tried it only under my eyes! and have been hooked eversince!

See the before and after pics? from bare eye,applied once,and blended..
im so happy that it doesnt take long to blend,compared to using cream or liquid concealers,dabdabdab,blend blend blend ugh!

picture from their site

I'm surprised no one has reviewed this yet,maybe this was just a jackpot item i get to try and really worked for my skintone.
heres why i love it:

-since its a pressed powder form,its so easy to apply!!! i use my marionaud brush,pick up sweep and blend and voila! good for beginners
-doesnt make my wrinkles obvious
-has spf25 PA++
-i only use up small amount for my under eyes,more value for your money!
-no need to reapply or retouch,i tried retouching at the end of the day,i had this white patch under my eyes,so reapplying is a no-no
-lasts all day! i use this from 8 am to 6:pm and its still covers decently,making me look wide awake,rather than tired and haggard looking
-it has this brightening effect. (i get lots of compliments when i use this,its like a highlighter without the sheen,it makes my face glow but is not obviously made up)
-i love love this product! i can say that this is HG! lurve!!!

i sell this before in my online shop,trying to bring it back...
by the way,im nc20 in mac and im using the lightest shade of this concealer foundie #01 light beige.
they have it in #02 light ochre, #03 natrural ochre,#11 pink ochre

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