Tuesday, January 18, 2011


aside from makeup,i also love accessories,i bought a silver necklace from this facebook seller,but got gold instead. its pre-order and its stated in her site that some orders can arrive in different color or worst, out of stock,but she guarantees exchange and money back.
here's a photo of the silver one that i ordered...nice eh?

and this is the gold

actually its no biggie to me,i was then contemplating on both,because i need a gold one on my stash,but the silver was much nicer in the picture.
it arrives like this,neatly packed with bubble wrap.

i love love the plastic holder,its thicker kind of plastic that ziplocked.

as i opened it...i was a lil disapointed
maybe i expected a lot,the picture was awesome! but if i was to explain...the chain is pretty,but the pendant is poorly made,it has lots of scratches and marks,hence with the blurry portions on the circular pendant,those blurry marks are not man made though,i can tell...u cannot just make damage on a piece of jewelry! its surface is hard,i think its how it was melted or shaped...something like that..or it was not dried properly,so it had these ugly marks,but its okay 'cause its not obvious with the clover on top...talking about the clover...i expected much more radiant rhinestones or atleast bigger so it can gleam or sparkle a bit...it does not sparkle at all..its tiny...dont get me wrong, im just very picky with jewelry,even fancy kind of jewelry,fancy is a term used in the Phi,meaning its fake jewelry,but some fake jewelries are nice...it depends...i still recommend this facebook seller because the seller is so nice! shes accomodating and ships on time,the package makes out for the product...i whine whine whine..but overall i like it...Php210 including shipping is cheap..i think she sells it like hotcakes! but pictures are not the actual though...but! there's a but! she has lots of satisfied clients..


  1. oohh that's such a pretty necklace! :3

  2. thanks sugar! its long though,i wonder where i can get it cut shorter...

  3. pretty necklace. I love gold! :)

  4. hi charry! thanks for dropping by =) i love gold too