Monday, January 3, 2011


hi there,just wanted to post my friends amazing nail art! shes been a nail fanatic for years! she does it herself too! she always shares with me how she does her nail art (she's very generous shes not swapang to share her nail secrets),but im not really that die hard fan to make this work of art myself,i'm lucky if i get the time to put polish on my nails,going to the salon to have my nails done are not an option coz i dont trust other people's expertise hehe,actually for me...if i know how to do it myself,i dont waste time and money to have it done.
Okay,so she said that there's this shop in jorge bocobo street in malate manila,and i remembered i went to this new place in malate that houses a yougurt shop and a small boutique with a taiwanese selling jewelries and a nail art service.we cannot remember the name of the place though...that technician was the one who taught her how to do this complicated nail technique that uses gel to make the lil pieces of nail accessories stick and a UV machine that helps dry the stuff and it comes off by itself eventually on its own. my friend sometimes uses old earrings to put in her nails,she cuts the back part to get the design....and my hubby thought im the only one makikay! kuko palang talo na ko! haha

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