Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Online shopping @ Zalora,in collab with Happy Lemon!

Have you tried shopping at zalora?
I have this P500 zalora coupon from purchasing 4 drinks from Happy Lemon,i think you have to purchase atleast 500 worth of drinks to get this.
being the bargain hunter that I am,there's no reason for me not to use this right? teehee!
Okay i browsed and browsed and browsed all their items,looking for something i need and worth spending money for,i wanna maximize the use of this coupon without shelling a lot of dough,besides this coupon is valid for purchases above P1000,accumulated items is fine,perfect!
when i tried to check out my cart,my coupon was invalid =( it was a hassle to call their office,they said,they will get back to me,i didnt get a response within the day,coz u know,i tried using this on the day the coupon expired. hehe...I tried to send an email next and received their reply the next day,i was glad they gave me another code! even my coupon was originally expired, A+ for customer service and fast response!so here's what i got.

Suesh makeup brushes!!!!

Suesh makeup 3-pc dual end make-up brush worth P450

actual photo taken from Zalora

i washed my brand spanking new brushes but already black ink was on my sink,im not sure whether it was from the glue or the brush bristles itself is doing this,nothing from the vegan brush though...

compared to elf eyeshadow brush,suesh's eyeshadow brush is bigger,pity my eyes are too small to use this. (sorry the suesh brush is upside down-the eyeshadow brush is the one below)

the other one is a P600 kabuki vegan brush
ohhh i thought it was going to be this fluffy! but in fairness,they placed two other thumbnail with the correct size of the brush.
The 2nd and 3rd thumbnail is the actual brush you're gonna get.
I was contemplating on the charm kabuki which costs the same,but opted for this fluffier one instead,but sorry my dears,its not at all that fluffy! =(
But atleast it didnt leave black residues on my sink

Overall,the 3 piece brush was soft,fluffiness was just right,but the angled black contour brush was a lil prickly,i must say this is worth it,with the 2 in one brush that you get from each,its quite a steal,for P450 a pack.
although i didnt see any logo or suesh print in any of the brushes,not in the pack itself,its okay,i only paid P500 for both brushes that will originally cost me P1050,using the P500 coupon,im happy =) and not mentioning their shipping is FREE!!!

This was the coupon i got from happy lemon

specially wrapped for the excited me!

visit zalora peeps! here's their fb cover photo.

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